Ready to get moving again?

Pent up demand likely means a fast-paced market, and we are ready to get you moving.

Scotland's housing market has officially reopened. This means potential buyers and renters can now view properties with us both in-person and online.

Prior to the pandemic, Scotland had seen record market activity and, with the surge in pent-up demand that we have seen in recent weeks, it seems the Scottish property market will bounce back strongly. We have received record levels of enquiries over lockdown, with demand boosted by a surge in interest from the wider UK regions.

Although we are now able to visit your property to conduct a market appraisal or viewing, we understand that some people may feel more comfortable carrying these out virtually.

However you’d like to move, we can make it happen.

Physical Viewings

We are taking the highest precautions with how we conduct physical viewings. In addition to our viewing agent colleague, the number of people present at the viewing will be limited to two individuals from the same household. Where possible, children should not be present in the property and pets should be contained. We will aim to be as swift as we can and will answer any questions either outside of the property or over the phone. If you’d like to learn more about how we now conduct physical viewings, please click here.

Virtual Viewings & Market Appraisals

Virtual viewings are a great place to kick start your move, allowing you to view properties without leaving the comfort of your home. They are safe and convenient for a potential buyer or tenant and we can open up your property to a much wider audience.

We offer virtual market appraisals allowing you to get all the information you need from the comfort of your own home. One of our expert local valuers will arrange a time to call. They will walk you through the detail and engage with you throughout your decision making process without the need to connect face to face

How to book  a Valuation

Book a valuation by clicking the ‘Get a free valuation’ icon. It’ll take you to a page where you can either choose a quick online valuation or a more in-depth expert valuation. If you’d like an expert valuation, fill in a few details and a staff member from your local branch will get in touch to conduct your telephone valuation. 

If you are a would-be buyer or renter, and you’d like to explore our properties, click here for properties for sale and here for rent.

If you’re thinking of selling or letting your property: