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Upgrade your sale with Social Media Advertising

It’s a great tool to market your home

Sell your home sooner, for the best price…

The way you buy and sell your home has changed. Gone are the days of putting a ‘For Sale’ board on the front lawn and hoping for the best. Instead, we have moved with the times. Our Social Media Advertising uses cutting edge technology to help you stand out from other properties on the market and attract more buyers.

How does Social Media Advertising work?

Our Social Media Advertising takes your property to the people. We target buyers by postcodes, hobbies, preferences and other relevant demographics. This ensures the ‘right’ people see your home. We encourage these potential buyers to click through to view your property in greater detail so they’re in a better position to book a viewing and make a sale.

Want to find out more? Watch our 60-second explainer:

How does our Social Media Advertising benefit you?

  • Tailored ads targeting active buyers Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    Our tailored ads get 37%* more viewings than traditional social media adverts. That’s 37% more eyes on your property. More active buyers viewing your property could lead to more offers and a faster sale. That’s what we want.

  • Keep track of your property from your pocket Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    With us, you can keep track of your property’s performance from anywhere, at any time. You’ll be able to see exactly how many people have viewed your property and how many have gone on to make an enquiry.

  • Sell 7 days faster Chevron Down IconIcon set Chevron Down

    It’s no coincidence that properties with social media advertising can sell 7 days faster than those without**. See what a difference it could make to your property sale today. 

We’re ready and waiting to help you sell...

In 60 seconds or less you can find out the value of your home.

*Source: Adfenix UK customer research during 2019, on over 1,000 properties listed for sale. Those with Adfenix Social Media Advertising gained 37% more viewings than those without.

** Adfenix customer research, 1,200 properties listed for sale between January 1 to June 30 2020. Those properties with Adfenix Social Media Advertising sold 7 days faster than those without.