Let's keep talking

Whilst these are uncertain times, we want to reassure you, we are still here to help.

The health and wellbeing of our customers, colleagues and communities is of utmost importance to us and whilst these are uncertain times, we want to reassure you, we are here for you.

We have been supporting landlords and tenants for many years and continue to do so through these changing times.

We are prepared to continue to service you in the coming weeks, we would be pleased to discuss your situation and adjust how we work with you in the current circumstances. Currently, the best way of contacting us is via email or through your local branch.

Landlord FAQs

  • Yes – Rent remains payable. There is no automatic suspension of rental payments during the crisis.

  • We have advised tenants that if they are having trouble paying rent then they should discuss this with you as soon as possible. Where payments are made to us your tenant has been advised to contact their local branch.

  • Government has an expectation that landlords will, where reasonably possible, support tenants in difficulty. However, there is currently no legal obligation on you to support your tenant during the crisis. Tenants have been made aware that any support a landlord can offer will depend on their own personal circumstances.

  • This will understandably depend on the landlords personal circumstances but might include allowing their tenant to make reduced/ deferred payments by way of a payment plan. Where a plan is put in place the tenant will be expected to stick to it.

  • Yes for landlords whose lender grants a payment holiday in so far as it gives landlords and tenants mutual breathing space and flexibility in cases of genuine hardship. The buy-to-let mortgage holiday is not, however, an excuse for tenants not paying their rent. Although not yet confirmed, we are hearing reports that not all lenders are granting mortgage holidays. Examples include where the borrower is not resident in the UK and/ or has a portfolio of properties. Please check with your lender before extending support to your tenant based on the suspension of mortgage payments.

  • Yes – If tenants are having difficulty paying rent and need further help this is available from their local authority, Shelter, Citizens Advice and The Money Advice Service.

  • No – For an initial 90 days from March 27th no tenant will be expected to move and no landlord can take possession. This 90 day period may be extended.

    Whilst the possession activity is suspended by the COVID-19 restrictions, PCOL (the Possessions Claim Online system) can be used to issue claims, although the Courts will not be able to action the claim until the three month suspension period has passed.

    Proposed legislation in Scotland will if introduced, prevent evictions for 6 months. There are indications that a lower 3-month threshold might apply for example where a landlord needs to occupy the property or the tenant has been sanctioned for anti-social behaviour. Please refer to www.gov.scot for further information.

  • We suggest contacting your insurance provider for details of cover and any restrictions applied as a result of the crisis.

  • You are still required to repair the property. There is an expectation that landlords and tenants will be reasonable and sensible around any non-urgent maintenance.

  • Yes – The fastest and easiest way for tenants to report repairs is through our website. They will also receive helpful advice on what to do in an emergency. Like many employers, we are operating a reduced workforce in the interest of keeping our staff safe. However, both landlords and tenants can still contact their property manager on the usual number. When contacting one of our branches please use the branch email address available on our website.

  • Yes – Our property management centres work with an extensive bank of contractors. At the date of this update, most are working as normal and therefore able to undertake essential maintenance and safety inspections.

  • Where the property is managed by us, we are reminding tenants that renewal of the annual Gas Safety Record is an important part of keeping them safe in their home as it includes checks for carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colourless odourless gas that can quickly kill, hence it often being referred to as the “Silent Killer”. Tenants allowing access for the inspection to take place as normal during the crisis is therefore very important. We are also reminding them to test any smoke and carbon monoxide alarms fitted at the property on a weekly basis.

  • With properties managed by us, keys cannot be collected from our branches during the crisis. To ensure tenant safety and that of the contractor, they will call them directly to arrange access. Tenants should advise them of any self-isolation or illness within the household. When providing access, social distancing protocols should are observed. If the tenant is transferring keys they should do so in a secure envelope ensuring they are sanitised before and after use.

  • Your tenant should where reasonable and safe, continue to allow access for repairs and safety inspections. If access is refused then efforts to undertake repairs and carry out safety inspections should be carefully documented and regularly followed up until the work has been completed.

  • Yes – It will remain advertised through the majority of our usual channels with options for prospective tenants to register interest.

  • Whilst we are unable to offer this service until restrictions on movement have been relaxed you can register interest via the branch email address available on our website.

  • Likely impact to the UK's housing market is as yet unknown. We continue to monitor activity within the lettings sector to and keep our clients as fully informed as possible.

  • Yes – Please refer to our website for updates as well as at www.gov.uk/coronavirus and www.gov.scot