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We know that choosing when to sell isn’t an easy decision but there are certain trends to look out for. Is buyer demand high? What’s the trend with house prices? How’s the housing market in general? And what does all of this mean for you and your own sale? 

What we can say is we’ve had a record number of visitors to our websites this month, and the housing market is the strongest it's been for over a decade. 

Here, we break down some of the key stats and trends to help you understand why now is a great time to buy and sell.

The strongest Spring housing market for home sellers in a decade

The first thing to note is the skyrocketing level of buyer demand, fuelled by the search for more space and a greener lifestyle. According to Rightmove, demand is outstripping the number of homes for sale by the biggest margin at any time over the past ten years*.

Rightmove also claims buyer activity on their website is up on this time last year. In February, seven million visitors were visiting their website every day - an annual increase of 40%. The average asking price for a UK home has risen to £321,064 - a 2.7% increase in the past year.  

Despite fewer properties being available to buy, the number of sales agreed for the first week of this month were still 12% higher than this time last year.  Around two-thirds of properties currently on sale are sold subject to contract. Are you making the most of this fantasticic opportunity? 

High house prices

The high buyer demand has pushed up the average price of property coming to market by 0.8% this month which equates to an extra £2,484 in your pocket**. Enquiries are 34% higher than in the same period a year ago. There’s no doubt that if you’re looking to get the best price for your property, now is a great time to come to market.

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95% Mortgages

Property expert, Fergus Lindsay told us "Strong buyer demand will be further boosted from April by the new Government guarantees, enabling lenders to return to the widespread availability of 5% deposit mortgages."

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’re in a strong position. With the momentum brought on by the demand for homes now exceeding supply and new 95% mortgages, there are many reasons to sell your home NOW. 

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Choosing a good agent to work with is key to ensuring your purchase runs smoothly and quickly. You don’t have time for delays and dilly-dallying.  

It’s important to choose someone that understands your local marketplace. They should have experience in the field and access to other property professionals. We can take care of the whole process and have all of the services you need under one roof - valuations, finding a buyer, speedy legal services and much more.

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